Barbershop Harmony Society Districts

Abbr. District Name Where
CAR Cardinal All of Indiana and Kentucky.
CSD Central States All of Iowa and Missouri, and the eastern two-thirds − ¾ of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.
DIX Dixieland All of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennesse.
EVG Evergreen All of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, the western half of Idaho, and all but the southwestern corner of Montana, USA; and all of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.
FWD Far Western All of Arizona, Nevada, California, and Hawaii.
ILL Illinois All of Illinois.
JAD Johnny Appleseed All of Ohio, all but the easternmost portion of West Virginia, and the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania.
LOL Land O’ Lakes All of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and the western half of the Michigan Upper Peninsula, USA; and all of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and the western half of Ontario, Canada.
MAD Mid-Atlantic All of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia, and the eastern two-thirds of Pennsylvania, the southeastern ¼ of West Virginia, and the southeastern corner New York (around NYC).
NED NorthEastern All of Connecticutt, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and the northeastern ¼ of New York, USA; and all of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, Canada.
NSC Carolinas All of North & South Carolina.
ONT Ontario The eastern ½ of Ontario, Canada.
PIO Pioneer All of the Michigain Lower Peninsula, and the eastern half of the Michigan Upper Peninsula.
RMD Rocky Mountain All of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, and the eastern half of Idaho, the southeastern ¼ of Montana, the northern ¾ of New Mexico, and the western ¼ − a third of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.
SLD Seneca Land All but the eastern ¼ of New York, and the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania.
SUN Sunshine All of Florida.
SWD Southwestern All of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, all of Arkansas except for the NE corner, the southern two-thirds or so of New Mexico, and a very small portion of southern Kansas around Liberal.