Music & Performance

Director of Music & Performance — Katy Dane

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all music activities within the SWD that will improve and expand the musical knowledge and performance abilities of the membership, including but not limited to:
      • Quartet and chorus coaching programs, including music coaches guilds and music and performance-coach training
      • Developing and administering performance evaluation programs for quartets and choruses
      • Provides guidance to chapters and quartets on issues of music and performance, including coaching and performance evaluation (Standing Ovation Program).
      • District music education schools
      • Coordination of all Society music representative visitations to the district
      • Communications with local music educators
      • Developing student participation in college and high school quartet contests in coordination with the Director of YMIH
      • Promotes the development of quartets within the District
  • Establishes and effectively manages the district M&P budget
  • In coordination with the Director of Events, makes all arrangements for the annual district HEP School (or equivalent) including facilities, faculty, and classes offered
  • Participates in training carried out by the Society Music and Performance Committee
  • Reports as directed to the district president and Society Music and Performance Committee on progress toward meeting goals stated in Society and district work plans
  • Develops an annual work plan that describes observable and measurable outcomes for how to accomplish these assigned duties and responsibilities.