Director Certification

Director of Chorus Director Development - Jack Westbrook

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Promotes administers, and recruits participants for the Chorus Director Workshop Intensive (CDWI), chorus director certification, and chorus director training programs in the SWD, and reports on and publicizes accomplishments of participants
  • Recruits and develops a SWD faculty for chorus director training and maintains and disseminates chorus director training materials within the district
  • Recruits CDWI trainers for certification
  • Communicates, promotes, and coordinates all functions of chorus director recruitment and development programs in the SWD, including promotion of the program and its materials to non-Society musicians in the district
  • Maintains records on the CDWI, chorus director certification, and chorus director development programs in the SWD and recommends the certification of chorus directors from the SWD, when appropriate
  • Liaison to the Society Chorus Director Development Committee and communicates and coordinates its policies within the SWD
  • Develops an effective chorus director guild in the district and chairs its meetings
  • Coordinates with the District Director for Music and Performance all visits of Society music representatives to the district, to ensure adequate attention to the district’s CDD programs.
  • Participate in training carried out by the Society Chorus Director Development Committee
  • Reports as directed to the district president and Society Chorus Director Development Committee on progress toward achieving Society and district work plans
  • Develops an annual work plan that describes observable and measurable outcomes for how to accomplish these assigned duties and responsibilities.